LSI Pre-boot USB and CD installation instructions, EULA, and sources



The LSI Pre-Boot USB and CD package allows the user of LSI products quick access to tools used for flashing BIOS, firmware, management, maintenance and recovery without a bootable OS.

LSI Pre-Boot is very similar to EFI boot environments accept the OS, tools, firmware and batch processes are on a USB.

The entire .zip package is about 30 MB which is then unzipped (100MB uncompressed) to the root of your USB.

Legal information

There are 3 components which make LSI Pre-Boot environment work and 3 End User License Agreements you need to be aware of.

Further details are in KB

In simple terms, you have the right to make changes to LSI Pre-Boot as you see fit and we will help and even make a custom image for your needs. You do not have the right to do so with LSI proprietary code.

Installation Warnings and Setup

*Please make a backup copy of your USB Flash drive*

Even though this is a non destructive setup USB to Boot process… LSI will not be responsible for any damage to data or hardware as described in LSI EULA.

*Not all USB will work*

Here is a list of tested devices as of 4-9-13:

  • Lexar JD FireFly 2 gig
  • Lexar JD FireFly 4 gig
  • SanDisk Cruzer 4 gig
  • SanDisk Cruzer 8 gig
  • HP v110w 1 Gig


Make sure that your Jump drive is formatted in FAT 16 or FAT32 or your USB “C: drive” will not be visible in the LSI PreBoot environment.

***This is important when you are trying to save data, use larger flash files stored outside the boot image or to use alternate BIOS and firmware files.

Unzip the package to your USB, change directories to /boot and run setup.bat for Windows you must be logged into the OS as the admin or right click and select “Run as Administrator”, see below.

Your Non-Bootable USB thumb/flash drive data will remain intact but it is recommended to start clean with a FAT16 or FAT32 partition because DOS may not see the USB as an independent drive letter, C:\.

Setup details:

For Linux and MAC users, there is no automatic batch file setup at this time as it is somewhat dangerous to script. You can manually copy the MBR.BIN to the USB as per Syslinux website:

dd conv=notrunc bs=440 count=1 if=mbr.bin of=/dev/sdX parted /dev/sdX set 1 boot on

MBR.BIN is in the \boot\Syslinux directory

For Windows users:

  1. Get from: and copy it to a convenient location even your USB flash drive and make note of the USB drive letter.

  1. Unpack the file to the root of your USB flash drive
  2. Verify the /boot directory exists.
  3. Bring the USB to a non-essential system as a precaution, then open /boot/syslinux directory.
  4. Go to /boot/syslinux directory and run setup.bat as administrator:
  5. Make sure that your drive letter matches what the installer, then complete the install:
  6. Boot with the USB in the system and you will be presented with the LSI Pre-boot menu
  7. By entering the password accept, you are bound to the LSI EULA which can be printed by pressing the F2 key once booted.
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