sha1 checksum

shasum /Users/me/Downloads/TeamViewer.dmg
6b966bcef64af96bf302be43e4c13e5512d84d21  /Users/me/Downloads/TeamViewer.dmg
openssl dgst -sha1 /Users/me/Downloads/TeamViewer.dmg
SHA1(/Users/me/Downloads/TeamViewer.dmg)= 6b966bcef64af96bf302be43e4c13e5512d84d21

Those checksums are equal

dgst -sha1 -hmac key /Users/me/Downloads/Skype_6.14.0.351.dmg 
HMAC-SHA1(/Users/me/Downloads/Skype_6.14.0.351.dmg)= 7e67cf6511e2ae9d78974b171c9198f1ff22a594
openssl dgst -sha1 -hmac key /Users/me/Downloads/Skype_6.14.0.351.dmg
HMAC-SHA1(/Users/me/Downloads/Skype_6.14.0.351.dmg)= ce1cb965f28f6be2378a7cc3b8b3429e252e3b32

Last two checksums are differ, as different hash keys (ke or key) had been used.

DCP checksum

DCP checksum can be calculated with

openssl sha1 -binary "FILE_NAME" | openssl base64
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